Writing A Dental Blog People Actually Want to Read

Writing A Dental Blog People Actually Want to Read

In this day and age, every business owner should have a blog on their website, even dentists! Blogs can be an excellent way to stay relevant, boost rankings and of course, obtain new patients. But how exactly do you create a blog that both benefits your business and has content customers want to read? Today, AFTCO is providing tips on writing a dental blog patients will actually want to read.

Don’t make your blog all about you. Although digital marketing is aimed at attracting new customers, it can be important to remember that your blog should not just be a tool to make money. Focusing your blog only about the services you offer can actually lead to potential customers avoiding your blog altogether.

Inform or entertain your patients. When it comes to content that potential patients and customers want to read, it is important to remember to inform, educate and entertain your audience. Provide information that teaches your patients new things, informs them of dental care or even just provides a few moments of entertainment.

Be consistent with your blog writing. Started your blog a few years ago and have only made 3 posts? Consistency with your blog is important for not only potential patients but also for search engines. We’re not saying you have to post 5 days a week, just make sure you stick to a regular schedule, whether that is weekly blogs or monthly blogs, you can decide.

Don’t limit your blog to only text. When most people think of a blog, they just think of a bunch of text. It is completely OK to create infographics, images or even videos to share with your audience. Just be sure to create engaging content people will want to actually view.

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