Workplace Bullying and Its Costs

Workplace Bullying and Its Costs

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Different organizations have created several programs to bring more awareness to bullying and the effects it has. Workplace bullying is still very prevalent and is often swept under the rug. It affects companies, small and large, all across the globe. Our dental practice management in Mesa, AZ focus on providing practices with practical help in order to keep their business strong and successful. This starts with the people who work there. How are they being treated and what needs to change? Continue reading on to learn more about workplace bullying andits costs.

An individual who is charged with authority over another can also be referred to as abrasive leaders. This solely reflects on the effect of their actions, not the cause. All of us at one point or another have done or said something that has negatively affected another individual. Those who take the lead, specifically in a dental practice, need to consider frequently how they are treating their fellow workers personally. We can unintentionally be a “bully” at times.

How can your practice be different with the help of our dental consultant in Mesa?

There are programs that you, as a leader, can implement in your workplace with the help of our Mesa team. A zero-tolerance policy on workplace bullying is usually the best way to start and make a change. You can even schedule regular anti-bullying training and sessions for your staff as a way to educate. Workplace conflicts are bound to come up and when they do you can be prepared with a system to manage these conflicts. Finally, you can set up a code of conduct that you expect your staff to abide by. You can make a change today by creating a safe workplace environment for you and your team. Be alert to what is happening in your practice.

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