Tim Wildung
Tim Wildung Regional Admimistrator

Tim joined AFTCO’s Texas office in 1989 and eventually relocated to Arizona where he became responsible for the development, growth of practice management and transition consulting services to the dental community for Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, and Hawaii. He is a demonstrated achiever with exceptional knowledge of business development, best practices concepts, and business growth and development.

Skilled at learning new concepts quickly while working well under pressure, Tim has worked with entrepreneurial dentists, directing them in creating small to midsized DSOs. His strong marketing and finance background, combined with real world experience in arranging and acquiring financing through banks and various sources, enables him to develop strong relationships with and for his clients to achieve the best outcome possible.

Tim is also experienced in recruiting and development of personnel to fulfill business needs and thereby help a practice increase production and income. He enthusiastically helps to oversee, train, and motivate management teams to assist dental offices with procedures and policies as well as business development and growth. He often works directly with dentists and staff regarding the care and handling of patients throughout the treatment process.

As the Regional Manager of Aftco Southwest, Tim has demonstrated his leadership with his unique ability to motivate his staff members to seek excellent performance and offer true dedication to all clients.