Maria Pia Giannini
Maria Pia Giannini Management

Maria Pia Giannini’s enthusiasm for dentistry is clear. She has over 2 decades of experience in the field of dentistry. Starting as an office manager allowed her early on to utilize and grow her management skills to manage multiple dental offices. Were you aware that Maria Pia has held a wide range of positions in the dental industry? She is well-regarded in the dental management arena for her deep knowledge of assisting Owners and Dentists to be successful dental practices. She loves bringing challenging projects to fruition; it reinforces her conviction that anything is possible.

Did you know that by combining her excellent communication skills and superb strategizing abilities, she can coach and train any office on how to effectively present cases for greater case acceptance? To top it off, she can teach smart scheduling as well as to how to achieve a healthy accounts receivable with updated insurance coding.

Did you know that Maria Pia has experience with many dental software programs such as Eaglesoft, Softdent, Dentrix and Dentrix Enterprise software? Are you in need of any help with the following? Here are some of her expertise:

  • Solutions – Achieving production goals, treatment planning & financial case acceptance, marketing strategies.
  • Technical – Dental software set-up and training.
  • Financial – Financial analytics, measuring practice goals statistics, insurance coding for maximum reimbursement cost containment.
  • Human relations – Resolution of employee disputes, employee coaching, assistance in hiring decisions, team building.
  • Front office training – Customer service enhancement programs, smart scheduling, healthy accounts receivable, collecting monies over-the-counter, working the receivables and insurance coding including error free claims.
  • Expansions/Acquisitions – Many years helping dentists expand or even start-up with her fantastic external marketing campaigns.
  • Maximizing the CDT codes – Negotiating PPO fee schedules for a greater reimbursement including fee schedule analysis.

Maria Pia is a member of the Crown Council and The American Academy of Dental Managers and Management. When she has free time Maria Pia enjoys being with her family & friends, traveling, walking and movies. She has contributed to the community by volunteering for organizations such as: Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, Make A Wish Foundation (wish granter).