Stress-Free Dental Treatments Start in the Waiting Room

Stress-Free Dental Treatments Start in the Waiting Room

Part of dental practice management is creating an environment within your dental office that exudes a relaxing feeling and provides an atmosphere that helps to destress. Many patients, both children and adults, have high anxiety levels when visiting the dentist. Even getting a routine cleaning and exam can be stressful for many because the thought of having a stranger’s hand in and near their mouth feels invasive.

One way that you can work to provide a relaxing visit for your patients is to focus on what kind of energy your waiting room is producing—is it negative or positive? A common mistake that could be prevented with dental practice management in Mesa AZ is television choice. Many dental offices offer a television in the waiting room. While this is great for the purpose of preventing your patients from becoming bored while they wait to be called back, what is playing on the television may cause some unintended anxiety.

For instance, many businesses like to play new stations for their patients. In the right situations, this is great. We all like to feel up-to-date on what’s going on in the world, but right before a potentially stressful situation might not be the time for this. News channels have a tendency to broadcast a lot of negative content. Natural disasters, crimes, and other things of this nature might have your patient stressed out before they even leave the waiting room.

In one case, a young girl was watching the news while awaiting her appointment. On the television was a news bit on a plane that had recently crashed. Graphic footage of the plane crash created many negative emotions within the girl. She felt the trauma of the event and associated this trauma with visiting the dentist office. Now she remembers this every visit and the stress continues to linger. An unfortunate effect that could have been prevented.

Talk to a dental practice management consultant today in Mesa, AZ for more information about how your dental office could use educational dentistry videos that provide peace of mind for your patients leading up to their appointment.