Meet Our Consultants

Tim Wildung - AFTCO Southwest

Tim Wildung

Regional Admimistrator

Tim joined AFTCO’s Texas office in 1989 and eventually relocated to Arizona where he became...Read More

Chad Flake - AFTCO Southwest

Chad Flake

Senior Transition Analyst

Chad started working with AFTCO back in 2010 and has achieved the role of Senior...Read More

Troy Jensen - AFTCO Southwest

Troy Jensen

Transiton Analyst

One of the top AFTCO agents nationwide, Troy Jensen focuses on building lifelong relationships with...Read More

John Lundgreen - AFTCO Southwest

John Lundgreen

Transition Analyst

Johns background is impressive. He obtained his BS degree in International Finance from Bringham Young...Read More

Josh Flake - AFTCO Southwest

Joshua Flake

Director of Finance

Josh has a very strong background, with experience in many areas of business from marketing...Read More

Tasia Steffensen- AFTCO Southwest

Tasia Steffensen


Tasia Steffensen was born and raised in Utah. She studied Business Marketing at Utah Valley...Read More

Maria Pia Giannini - AFTCO Southwest

Maria Pia Giannini


Maria Pia Giannini’s enthusiasm for dentistry is clear. She has over 2 decades of experience...Read More

Rich Peterson - AFTCO Southwest

Richard Peterson


With a degree in computers, Rich headed off to fly jets in the Air Force...Read More

Bonnie Pike - AFTCO Southwest

Bonnie Pike

Bonnie Pike-Blake holds an Associate’s degree in Psychology and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration....Read More

Brittany Wildung - AFTCO Southwest

Brittany Wildung

Brittany has been with Aftco Southwest for approximately one year. She enjoys learning new skills...Read More