Make a Big Impact on a Small Budget

Make a Big Impact on a Small Budget

The key to running a profitable dental practice is to maximize productivity. You can boost office output with affordable management software that offers useful digital tools, that also increase the efficiency of a limited staff.

Optimize Your Front Office Staff

It isn’t always immediately clear to dentists how crucial it is to have a high performing front office staff. Your administrative teams are the bread and butter of the practice. They can make or break the success of your dental office. New and existing patients encounter these employees first, they are the greeters. The front office staff makes visitors feel welcome, manages patient information, handle payments, and more. It is easy to get weighed down with mundane tasks.

The effective dental software can take many of these lowly duties off the hands of your admin team, reducing stress and allowing time to complete more important tasks.

Instead of using precious time confirming appointments over the phone, playing phone tag or dealing with insurance providers, office staff can focus on patients. The software can complete all these necessary, yet less urgent tasks.

Simplify the Claims Process

Practice management software can send patient appointment reminders automatically through email or text messaging. It can track all insurance claims allowing you to access eligibility reports quickly. The software can simplify the claims process by generating, validating and sending claims electronically. The process will reduce how many rejected claims your practice will receive faster payments.

Having multiple staff members printing, folding, stuffing and mailing envelopes is non-billable, tedious work. The employee gets paid for doing it, but there is no revenue gained from it. Practice management software provides electronic paperless billing. A report can be printed out after billing statements have been sent showing the amount of money sent and how many statements.

You can get by with fewer front office employees with practice management software. The efficiency tool helps streamline insurance and billing, and scheduling so your admin team can remain on task with their primary responsibilities.

Maximum Office Efficiency

In addition to improving front office efficiency, the ideal dental software will take your practice to a higher operating level.

Automated data backups, better patient communication, electronic records and streamlined processes your dental practice will get more work done in less time. There will also be less room for human error and less time correcting mistakes on patient files or insurance claims.

By using a cost-effective dental practice management software, efficiency, accuracy, and speed can be dramatically improved every day. You will be free to make a large impact on a tight budget.