Hiring the Right Receptionist for Your Dental Practice

Hiring the Right Receptionist for Your Dental Practice

You may be spending a significant amount of money on your marketing strategies but may be overlooking the most important aspect of your marketing effort i.e. your receptionist. In spite of the role that a receptionist plays in any dental clinic, mostly they are often least experienced in the office.

According to dental practice management near Mesa, here’s a look at some skills that a receptionist of a dental office must have.

Good communication skills

The receptionist has to deal with many people every day whether it’s the patients calling and inquiring or the patients visiting the clinic. The receptionist is the first point of contact which makes it imperative for them to have good communication skills. You need a person that sounds cheerful. The communication skills of the receptionist can be improved with the help of online courses.

Ability to manage their environment and other people

The receptionist must have an attitude of proactively making things happen and not just sitting back and watching. There may be multiple things happening at the same time but can they handle it all? They may need to handle the patients in waiting room and answer the ringing phone. If they are not able to handle the situation, they are not a good fit for the position. They can’t be overwhelmed with what is happening around them. They need to maintain their calm and entertain everyone one by one.

Someone who loves their job

Different people have different reasons for doing a job, says dental business management in Mesa. However, it’s important to find someone who is actually interested in the said profile and loves their job. If a person hates answering calls or gets annoyed easily, they won’t be able to speak nicely with the patients that visit your clinic and the ones that may call your clinic for inquiry or appointments for any dental consultation or procedure.

According to dental practice management, the receptionist plays a crucial role not only in fetching newer patients but also with retention and referrals.