Are Dental Consultancy Services Worth the Investment?

Are Dental Consultancy Services Worth the Investment?

If you’re like most dentists, while in dental school, you learn how to care for a patient’s dental problems. Then, while at work, you put this knowledge to use, again and again. But what if you want to start your own dental practice? Where do you start? How do you grow your business? What city or area do you set up your office? Will you rent or buy property? How do you decorate a modern dental office? If you manage to get all of that figured out, how do you market your new practice?

The fact is, being a dentist is hard enough. Starting your own practice adds layers upon layers of new responsibilities and required skills. Over the years, however, many different services have emerged to help start and sustain new dental practices: consultants, coaches & dental management software. Let’s take a look at these and see why so many new and existing practices have gone to consulting services for help.

Dental Consulting

It should be noted that dental consultants and dental coaches are often spoken of interchangeably. However, there are important differences, first, we’ll look at consultants.
Consultants tend to be highly focused in their area of expertise. Some focus on purchasing existing practices, others focus exclusively on helping startups survive and grow and still, others focus on specific aspects such as finances, supply management or improving your office’s processes and software. The next unique aspect of consultants is their focus is on evaluating your practice and your goals than giving you specific advice that will solve your problems.

Dental Coaching

What differentiates a consultant from a coach? Unlike a consultant who solves a specific problem, coaches work with you long-term to help you achieve your goals. This is done, not through advice, but by helping practices make better decisions. This being said, coaches often have experience in consulting services and may be able to give explicit advice.

Dental Management Software

Often, consultants and coaches will recommend to you the tools and software that they use, such as management software. This software has a large range of uses including, but not limited to:

  • scheduling
  • billing
  • treatment planning
  • charting
  • imaging
  • health records
  • patient communications

These services, whether it is consultancy or software, work to solve problems you have and make your life easier and more profitable. Because of this, many practices have benefited from such an investment. If you are looking for dental consultancy services in the Mesa, AZ area, make an appoint with us today!