Aftco’s Presale Program

Aftco’s Presale Program

The Presale Program was developed by AFTCO for the dentist who has built a successful practice over the years and now wants to realize its maximum financial benefits while making preparations for retirement and/or a career change sometime in the future. Through the implementation of AFTCO’s Presale Program, the seller can continue to work in the practice for a predetermined number of years and enjoy the following benefits:

PERSONAL FREEDOM: You sell your practice and have the right to continue to work in the practice for as many years as you wish (predetermined by you). You are then free of those costly overhead expenses that prevented you from having the time to pursue other interests or enjoying those well-deserved vacations.

CONTINUOUS INCOME: As the years go by and you’d like to slow down, you can always enjoy a “positive cash flow” because you are no longer responsible for practice overhead. Your income is assured regardless of how little you practice since you are paid a fixed percentage of your collected production, no matter how much or how little that may be.

PRACTICE VALUE PROTECTION: Your practice is sold while at its peak value so that asset is protected from a declining practice value that would result from your untimely death or disability. Selling at peak value eliminates the need for your family to attempt to sell your practice at a time of great personal loss.

INTEREST INCOME: Your passive income will be substantially increased by converting a non-interest-bearing asset (your practice) into an interest-bearing asset after the sale (return on investment from the proceeds of the sale of your practice).

CONFIDENTIALITY: The transaction remains confidential until you are ready to retire. At the time of the sale, we merely announce the transaction as either an association or a practice merger, not a sale.

TRANSITION: Introducing another professional to your patients, years before your eventual retirement, allows for a smooth transition as you phase out of practice. Your patients can become familiar with your new colleague, reassuring them of continuous care once you elect to retire. Once you have completed this transaction, you will gain an entirely new and refreshing perspective on your profession. You will have the option of practicing when you want, on who you want, and be doing only the procedures you want to do. The Presale Program by AFTCO is the ultimate freedom program for all healthcare professionals. It’s time to call AFTCO.