6 Mistakes That Dental Front Offices Make

6 Mistakes That Dental Front Offices Make

The dental offices and clinics are making so many efforts to win more and more patients but there are many dental offices which fail to do so. According to Dental office management in Mesa it’s important to answer when the phone rings as it can be inquiry from new patients.

Here’s a Look at the Mistakes Made by Dental Offices:

Calls getting ignored because of busy front desk

The Dental business management near Mesa says that the person standing in front of you is most important but a call coming from a new patient can also not be missed. It’s to have another team member as backup in the reception who can pick call when receptionist is busy.

Phone rings for too long before answering

It does not create a good impression when you let the phone ring for long before answering. According to Dentistry management in Mesa, you should pick the call within 2-3 rings as the caller may hang up or form a negative opinion of poor customer service.

No one answers the phone in lunch hours

While it’s important to take your lunch on time, you and your team mate can take turns. One of you can have lunch before so that the reception table is not empty by any chance and no call is missed.

Using the automated phone system

The Dental office consultant in Mesa says that it’s always better to have a human answer the phone instead of automated phone calls for a more personal touch.

Failing to promptly return voicemails

According to Dental business management in Mesa AZ, it’s obvious that you can’t answer the calls 24*7 but you can forward the calls to answering device and call them the next morning. Companies can hire someone only for answering voicemails.

Lack of trained front desk personnel

The front desk may not be able to answer the calls as required and answer the queries raised by new patients. The Dental practice management near you says that it’s important to train your staff to handle questions and queries.