5 Dental Trends to Grow your Practice

5 Dental Trends to Grow your Practice

Within the dental world, it is no secret that advancements in technology, techniques, and other aspects of dental practices are constantly growing and changing. With that being said, in order to have a dental practice that gains momentum in what may seem like a saturated market, you also have to adapt to these trends. In the following list, we will discuss 5 dental trends that will help grow your practice in the years to come. At AFTCO in Mesa, AZ we’re here to help you as dental consultants that want to see you use your expertise to be successful and change the lives of your patients for the better.

Group practices

These types of practices are becoming more and more prevalent in the dental field, as multiple dentists merge into a partnership that run the perfect practice. By becoming a member of a group practice, you can make it easier for yourself to manage the debt from dental school, while splitting the cost of running an entire practice. With multiple dentists you’ll also be seeing more patients and creating more money and growing your practice at a faster rate.

Increases in dental insurance coverage

With increases in dental insurance coverage, families who previously couldn’t even think about affording dental care are making up for lost time. Increasing the number of appointments and treatments is at an all-time high, giving you the opportunity to provide professionally to your patients and their families.

Customized financing

Customized financing allows your patients who don’t have access to dental insurance to receive care that they want or need. Many dental practices all around the country are using creative means to provide their customers with financing including customized payment plans, yearly rates and more. Consider one of these to deviate from the rest of the competition and show your patients that you want to help them no matter what their circumstances.

In-office experiences

Small things such as creative waiting room activities, or in-chair entertainment can add to the experience of your patient, in turn making them want to visit the dentist more. When adding these attractive new additions to your office, you show the patient that you care about their comfort and health.

New technologies

Finally, of course, new technologies have the potential to save time for the dentist and their support staff. This allows the practice to see more patients in a single day and they also make your patient care more comfortable and convenient.

If you are currently looking into the dental field as a possible career option or are currently a dentist and just need help with making your dental practice grow, consider contacting us at to help you realize your vision and establish goals for brighter future.